Controller Firmware

Pradeep Joy_1
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Controller Firmware

Dear All

We have an EVA 4100 with firmware

HSV 200 CR0ECAxC3P-6110 , what is the next firmware available and from where i can download that
Attaching the print screen of the controller ver info

Thank you
Uwe Zessin
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Re: Controller Firmware

The latest firmware is XCS V6.220, but you very likely need a new version of Command View EVA as well. Please check which version of CV-EVA you are currently using. If it is Version 6, you do need new license keys as well.

I strongly recommend NOT to upgrade the EVA controller firmware and NOT CV-EVA as well unless you got hold of the new keys.
The current versions of CV-EVA enforce the license checks and only run for a limited amount of days in 'evaluation mode'.

Believe it or not, but we had one customer where the system was upgraded by somebody else and the process to get the new keys got stuck...
The time ran out, a disk drive failed and he could not put the replacement back into the disk group!
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Re: Controller Firmware

Uwe is 100% correct on that one !!!
Make sure you investigate / sort out as required first.

See your other post as I have just put info on there for rev levels etc.
Latest rev is 6.220 available from here:

and latest command view is available from here:

You may need your HP passport first as I covered in the other post.


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