Controller faliure

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Controller faliure

I have a EVA4000, and it has two controllers.

My question is, if both controllers fail at the same time, will there be data loss (due to teh fact that all the information about vdisks etc. is lost)? And if yes, is it possible to recover data without restoring from backup tapes?

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Víctor Cespón
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Re: Controller faliure

All the information, including the configuration is stored on the disks.

The configuration (metadata) is stored on at least 5 different disks.

And depends on what you mean by controller failure, there's a cache mantained by a battery, so in case of a power off no data is lost.

In case the controller motherboard or RAM fails on both controllers, you lose the data that was on the cache still wating to be written to the disks.