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Copying b/w EVA4100 and VA7400

Emil Henry
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Copying b/w EVA4100 and VA7400


We have both a EVA4100 and a VA7400 that we would like to mirror/sync. The EVA4100 has fliesystems for HP-UX and also data filesystems for VMWare ESX.

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Re: Copying b/w EVA4100 and VA7400

You can only use a host based mirror method, e.g. mirror with LVM in hp-ux.

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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: Copying b/w EVA4100 and VA7400

Host based mirror is an option, the best for "live/hot" copy.

Another option is to stop all file system activity, and copy the files with cp/rsync/copy/xcopy commands.

In all cases means that you need to present the LUNs form the VA to the same host.

You cannot replicate between storages from the storage itself.
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