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Crossroads 4250 Storage Router help

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Crossroads 4250 Storage Router help


I have to connect one N4000 box thru Crossroads 4250 Storage router to one L700e Tape library. Configuration is - N4000,hpux 11.11 with Dec2004 patch set, Tachyon A5158a Fiber card, Direct fiber attach to Storage router and then scsi interface to L700e. I can't see anything from server side although it shows all the scsi tape drives from the router when I scan.
I tried everything from router side. Can anybody pls help me with this. Link shows up from Server side. Do I need any driver for this. Nothing shows as unclaimed.
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Re: Crossroads 4250 Storage Router help

(I don't own a Crossroads router myself, I only have a crappy IBM model, BUT I've got a manual here in front of me ;)

at first:
- does You the N4000 see the Crossroads?
(/opt/fcms/bin/fcmsutil /dev/td0 get remote all (or td1, or something else)
- does Your FC adapter show it's in AL_PA mode?

- is the router in initiator mode?

- is FC discovery enabled? (otherwise it says You'll have to manually set up mappings between scsi bus/id/lun and fc wwns.

- try to print out the Fibre Channel to SCSI mapping table.

As far as I understood the manual, things should work right away with the default settings. :(

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Re: Crossroads 4250 Storage Router help

Hello I need the screenshot for the router configuration, also is there any firmware release for this crossroad 4250 router?


If you have any installation manual for this router I would appreciate if you can send it to me to this e-mail address: vtodaro@gmail.com