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D2600 firmware on a M6612

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D2600 firmware on a M6612

The chassis and controller part numbers appear to be the same so what is different between the two? Can I put the D2600 firmware on a enclosure that was originally a M6612? Trying to do the update shows no supported hardware found. 


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Re: D2600 firmware on a M6612

After a fair amount of trial and error, it seems to me that the I/O modules are identical, and there is some key in the shelf hardware (backplane perhaps) that sets the personality to be either a D2600 or M6612. 

As you've seen, a Proliant Smart Array won't even detect an M6612 in hpsum, presumambly because they are not a supported combination. What I have done, however, is move I/O modules from an M6612 shelf to a "genuine" D2600 shelf, and then I can detect and update firmware to the latest version (150). I have done this with many modules that originally had M6612 firmware versions on them.

I have successfully run the module (now) with D2600 firmware in the M6612, and have experienced no issues in a few months deployment. Hpsum still won't detect the shelf, but it runs fine in normal operation. I didn't test it beyond simple drive failures and rebuilds, power supply fails, and the SPP diagnostic routine, so something esoteric could always show up.

I'd prefer to use the "real" D2600, but most people selling them don't even know the difference. The M6612 just had an AJ832A sticker stuck over the AJ940A sticker. That's easily removed, and a it often is, since the D2600 is worth more on the secondary market than is an M6612. A serial number search (HPE warranty check) should reveal what it is, but the last one I looked up said it was a power supply. Oh well. I've also compared the Smart Array diagnostic report with different combinations of hardware, but many of the values vary, and I didn't really find characteristics that definitely established a particular "gold" combination. 

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Re: D2600 firmware on a M6612

I know for sure the EVA disk chassis stores a value like this in the midplane:


Vendor ID: HP      
Product ID: M6412   AG638A 


and I assume a D2000 stores an approriate product number - that's the difference.

Hope this helps!

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Re: D2600 firmware on a M6612

@MidOfa: Thank you very much for your post and revelations - this was the only useful post/information I could find on the topic and it helped me tremendously to get my "journey" started. What I found out in addition after following your lead  (and I hope that this might help others in turn) is the following:
1) You can query the type (and firmware rev. etc.) of the enclosure with "ssacli" using the command:
controller slot=1 enclosure all show detail
This (and the steps below) works also for multipath and cascaded enclosures (NB: my p812 controller was at the most recent firmware version of 6.64). Here the M6612 clearly show as "AJ832A" instead of "AJ940A" in a pure "D2600"
2) I didn't have the luxury of a "real" D2600 being available for flashing, so I dug somewhat deeper. And while the M6612 wasn't detected by any update mechanism (not even the ccissflash utility in discovery mode, I guess that's the reason why not even patching the XML file helped), there is a trick to flash the latest firmware (0150 in this case) anyway: Just get the .rpm file from the latest (publicly available) SPP ISO (file is named hp-firmware-d2600-d2700-0150-2.1.x86_64.rpm) install it (in my case I did it on ubuntu via alien), then go to the directory with the installed files (here it was /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/hp-firmware-d2600-d2700-0150-2.1) and issue the command according to the data you see from the ssacli-output. In my case:
./ccissflash -iCAMSPR0150_6G_app_4MB_ai.pmc -t"D2600 SAS AJ832A" -v0150
(you can see that the AJ940A simply needs to be replaced with AJ832A)
After confirming (drives need to be offline), I had 4 enclosures successfully flashed in no time.
NB: Depending on your setup (i.e. with singlepath) you need to repeat the steps - after powering down and switching connections - to make sure you flash all  SAS-modules in the enclosure
Thanks again @MidOfa , this wouldn't have been possible without your research!
P.S. My sticker with "AJ832A" was on the back of the enclosure (quite small) and nowhere near the "AJ940A" label

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Re: D2600 firmware on a M6612

Hey @TheConcierge, thanks for the useful information.

Is it possible to update the firmware using a P410 with only internal SAS connectors, using one SFF-8087 to SFF-8088 cable?

My concern is mostly if the P410 *without* external SAS connectors is willing to talk to the enclosure, or if the software and/or the raid card limits it somehow.

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Re: D2600 firmware on a M6612

Hi bindiboi,

thx for the Kudo! AFAIK it doesn't make any difference at all if the enclosure is connected to an internal or an external port (on any HP SAS controller card). Some internal drive bays in servers (with a larger number of drives) use expanders and are also seen as "enclosures" by the controllers (on their internal ports)

So, yes, you could use a SFF-8087 to SFF-8088 cable or any other way to connect the enclosure to your P410. One other possibility would be a "converter slot bracket" (something like: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01GPD9QEQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) where you have internal SFF-8087 plugs (for connecting the bracket on the inside to the P410) and on the outside you have SFF-8088 plugs to connect the bracket to the enclosure. This saves you the hassle of somehow finding a path for the cable out of the server

NB: Haven't tried any of this so far, but it should work.


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Re: D2600 firmware on a M6612

Using the P410 is only a temporary solution, just to flash the firmware After that the ancient card without IT mode will be replaced by a IBM M1015, and I'll be probably using a Dell H200E for the disk enclosure.

The M6612's are quite a bit cheaper than the D2600's on the second hand market, really glad I found this topic and your post.


Re: D2600 firmware on a M6612

I have had a few M6612 for a while and I thought I would have a go at this procedure today.

Interestingly, in both an old DL385 G6 (P812 I think) and a DL380p Gen8 with P822, the M6612 showed up in HPE SSA and the 2TB disk that i had plugged in was recognised and usable.

They were on firmware 0148 so I downloaded the latest version, 0150, Windows package


extracted the file and after a bit of tinkering,

cpqsetup.exe /i CAMSPR0150_6G_app_4MB_ai.pmc /t "D2600 SAS AJ832A" /v 0150

flashed the shelf.


Very happy, thanks for the information.