DCFM v10.4.1

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DCFM v10.4.1


Hoping that someone here has seen this issue and knows how to get around it ;-)

I have just installed DCFM Pro v10.4.1 and have entered in the details for our fabric. DCFM has correctly seen all the switches and is now monitoring them.

When I click on Configure, Zoning then Fabric to managing the Zoning im am presented with a window that says "Failed to Unknown" and the Zone Configuration failes to open.

After searching the problem in Google I have seen this entry on the Brocade forum but there is no mention of a solution, only a rollback.


Just wanted to try my luck on this forum as Im sure a lot of you here have used this software.

Kevin Liquori_1
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Re: DCFM v10.4.1

I just installed version 10.4.0 of DCFM Pro and tried it for the first time. I am not getting that error. Maybe you could load the 10.4.0 version? Not sure if that helps you.