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DCX (XP12K & HPUX 11.31)

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DCX (XP12K & HPUX 11.31)

Guys, I have a question and really wondering if you ever came across an issue like this.

Problem: I am replicating an XP24K (MCU) to a XP12K (RCU) and when I mount my secondary volumes (SVOL-read/write) on a SD32B VPAR HPUX 11.31 system it responds very slow to an ioscan. There are other systems & XP12K on that Fabric and they ware working fine except for this new set of systems.

Action taken so far: We found that it may be a cable/sfp/hw issue and just can't pin-point the problem because it keeps coming back. Using portstatsshow shows enc_out increasing with perfportshow reporting loss signal on those ports where the XP12K & HPUX 11.31 system is connected.

What else can we look at? Do you think it may be over subscription on the DCX directors? Any testing besides showing stats on a DCX?
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