HPE EVA Storage

DCX and edge switch odd behavior

Jeff Almaguer

DCX and edge switch odd behavior

Last week I noticed that an edge switch was logging a lot of errors:

Invalid_word: 878387310
Invalid_crc: 832605

The numbers were growing pretty fast. I quickly replaced the fiber ISL cable (usually we run 2 ISLs, this one is a special case) and the errors stopped. 5 minutes later I noticed that the edge switch had disabled itself. I gave the command 'switchenable' but the switch remained offline. The webtools gui showed the switch as healthy but not online. The switch then intermittently would go on and offline, removing itself and rejoining the fabric. I called HP support and had the edge replaced. The fabric is now solid. Was this just a bad switch or could the bad ISL cable cause the DCX to disable the edge?