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Daily SAN monitoring tasks.

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Daily SAN monitoring tasks.

Could any of you guys help with a guide or best practices of carrying out daily checks on EVA Storage systems. The EVA in our environment is growing in number and we are not yet integrated the EVA into management automation software.For now , it is still manual checks kind of. Would appreciate if any one also have best practices of using the EVAperf as well.


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Re: Daily SAN monitoring tasks.

you can use Windows Perfmon to monitor your EVA.. if you have evaperf installed on your COmmand View EVA server then you should see the EVA counter in perfmon

following is the whitepaper evaperf.. this is quite useful

you can also check the CV EVA user guide which contains the info on evaperf.
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Re: Daily SAN monitoring tasks.

You can set up SNMP traps from CV.
You can install WEBES on your management server.
You can use SIM and IRS to monitor your EVA.
Select one or more and install/configure as required. This website will get you going:
Check out HP's website for these products.
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Re: Daily SAN monitoring tasks.

"not yet integrated the EVA into management automation software."

Consider to do this. HP SIM and/or IRS will inform you and HP support in case of trouble. Stay near the phone ... ;-)

Meanwhile check commandview if everything is "green".

Hope this helps!

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