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Data Replication to second EVA in DR Site

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Data Replication to second EVA in DR Site



We have the following setup


2 HP EVA 4400

one in production site and one in DR site

Using MPX IP Gateways between them


On production site we set up the Virtual disk and then create Data Replication to the second san in the DR Site

We present the disk to the Database server running on HP UX, and our DBA can mount the drive


If we try and present the Disk in DR to the Database server in DR Site, DBA cant mount the disk

As disk is Read Only , then if we try to fail over Data Replication to DR Site, Disk copy just sits at 0%


Is it possible for us to have Virtual Disk on both Production and DR Site mapped to two different servers at same time

Even though Prioduction disk is replicating to the DR Disk




We have done this setup on Windows servers and had no problems, just with HP UX having difficulties