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Deleting Multiple Disk on EVA 5000

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Nava Murali
Occasional Advisor

Deleting Multiple Disk on EVA 5000

Spec :
EVA5000 HSV110
Command View : SR0025vcsp-3110

I have around 28 Vdisk in 10 different folder.
All disk are created from 3 DG with total of 164, divided evenly by multiple of 8.

1) I am deleting all the Vdisk, is it advisable to delete them all on one time, or is there a limit on no. of vdisk can be deleted per time ? Which is faster?

2) How does the EVA controller react for a deletion request, as which takes precedence, deletion, add, IO operation ?

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Re: Deleting Multiple Disk on EVA 5000

hi, it could take a while as capacity levelling will probably kick in. If you don't want to keep any of the vdisks it would probably be quicker to simply un-initialise the EVA and then re-initialise it, all config gone in one hit then.
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Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Deleting Multiple Disk on EVA 5000

When deleting vdisks, wait one minute between each deletion, to allow the cache to be flushed.
Or set the cache to write-through before doing that. Not waiting enough can lead to "disk stalled too long" and controller hang.

As stated above, if you're going to delete everithing maybe it would be a batter idea to re-initialice the EVA and take the oportunity to update firmware of the controllers and disks.
Nava Murali
Occasional Advisor

Re: Deleting Multiple Disk on EVA 5000

1 ) Deleting 4 vdisk per eVA is better than del all.

2) unsure.