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Re: Dell M600 Debian Linux to MSA1000

Micheal Wall
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Dell M600 Debian Linux to MSA1000


First of all, I'd like to thank the active members of this forum. You have been a wonderful and responsive group and have helped me on more than one occasion.

I have Dell M600 blade server with a QLogic QME2572 adapter connected to an MSA1000. However, for the life of me, I am unable to expose a logical disk to the Debian Squeeze Linux OS. I believe that the kernel has the driver already compiled in (or it is added as a module) because the kernel messages reveal that the kernel has correctly identified the hardware and loaded the driver.

I also have a Windows 2008 install on another blade. I installed the HP DSM on that box and am able to expose MSA1000 storage to it without a problem.

Do I have to install the HP DSM on the Debian box in order to access disks? If so, where do I find the sources/binary for the DSM? Are there any other suggestions?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
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Re: Dell M600 Debian Linux to MSA1000

what operating system have you set on the connection to the Linux box? And is it the same HBA on each box, Also which F/W, I guess 5.3 as you have a 2008 server.
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