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Destination Host Access, AIX

Manoranjan Reddy
Occasional Contributor

Destination Host Access, AIX

Can anyone explain the differences b/w destination host access modes?
* None
* Present Only
* Read only

And why is that "Inquire Only" appears only after creating DR Group(Under connection tab), where all the above are visible at time of creating DR Groups?
What does "Inquire only" exactly mean?

Generally in production environments which mode is used???
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Destination Host Access, AIX

"none" means that the destination virtual disk is not seen by any host. It is the default and used in most environments.

"inquire only" (don't recall I've seen "Present Only" means that virtual disks are presented and detected by the hosts (that is done by SCSI "inquire" commands), but cannot be read or written to. I've only seen it in some special VMware datacenter failover environments.

"read only" means that the vdisk can be detected and data read from it, but not written. It is used in environments that make use of the "Cluster Extensions" (CLX) software. A R/O vdisk is used as an alternate one-way communication channel by the CLX software.