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Disk -1 when configuring iSCSI on W2K8

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Disk -1 when configuring iSCSI on W2K8


My storage system is a HP MSA2312i, which has two controllers, each having two ports. I will use them in a clustered Windows 2008R2 Hyper V config. Each server has 2 NIC for iSCSI configure. Port 1 of controller A and Port 1 of controller B are connected to switch 1. Port 2 of controller A and Port 2 of controller B are connected to the second switch. The basic setup is fine, but when I try to connect a disk in Windows 2008 R2 Server core, I automatically get a Disk -1.

I have done an firmware upgrade of the storage system. And I noticed that even when I remove ALL provisioned disks on the MSA, go through the procedure with assigned a portal, connection the disk, I still get a disk -1 with LUN 0...

the disk has target name: iqn.1986-03.com.hp:storage.msa2312i.0915d7f911

When I do a diskpart I only get the physical disk in the server:

DISKPART> list disk

Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
-------- ------------- ------- ------- --- ---
Disk 0 Online 136 GB 0 B

Where is this disk - 1 then coming from? Or what does it mean???

Note: I will use MPIO later, currently I only use on port on the controller.
I tested before in the MPIO solution, but then I ended up with 8 disks paths instead of 4. Each path had a Disk -1 assigned.

Any idea what is going wrong here? I have also posted on the Windows forums at Microsoft but it seems that they have no clue.
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