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Disk Failour Notification

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Disk Failour Notification

Good day,

I'm using HP CV 9.0 to manage my EVA. I configured it to send email using SMTP. However, I'm receiving unhelpful notifications e.g.

****This is an automated message. Do not reply****

An alarm has occurred on EVA storage system: XXXXXXXX WWN: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

Alarm type: Hardware condition change

Alarm description: Event Code: 0e070019 - 0," The status of battery assembly '1' has changed.");

I need to receive a notification when a hardware change occur e.g. bad disk or overheat or loop switch issue.

Thanks a lot.
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Ruben Renders
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Re: Disk Failour Notification


Firstly I recommend you should perform an upgrade to the latest command view version, which is 9.3.
I noticed there is the possibility to sent e-mails from there. (did not tested it yet)

Hardware failures are caugth by using the Insight Remote Support Software. Did you install that one and is it properly configured?

Using the software results in a better check of the storage array. HP support center receives also an notification when there is a hardware failure in the system.

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Re: Disk Failour Notification

In Command View you can specify the events that you want to receive.
Select the array/System Options/Configure event notification/Select the type of notification/Configure
Mark the event that you want to receive. If you don't want to receive normal events uncheck it. Check warning and critical events.