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Do I need ISL Trucking license!?

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Do I need ISL Trucking license!?

I want link two HP 8/8 (8) Full Fabric Ports Enabled SAN Switch (AM867B) with a long fiber cable (HP 8Gb LW B-series 10km FC SFP+ 1 Pack x 2).

1- Did I need ISL Trucking license (HP B-series 8-24 Port ISL Trucking LTU) for these SAN switches?

2-Can I connect two SAN switch with one fiber without these license?


Sheldon Smith

Re: Do I need ISL Trucking license!?

The trunking license allows two or more ISLs connected to the same ASIC pair to function as a logical-sum of ISLs.


You do not need an ISL trunking license with only one ISL between switches.

Yes, you can connect two SAN switches without the license.

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