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Dual controller failure of HP X3800 (EVA 6400)

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Dual controller failure of HP X3800 (EVA 6400)

We have HP X3800 (EVA 6400) SAN which was configured with dual controller but recently two hard disks were failed, we replaced it and during rebuilding controller asked for restartand after doing so the primary controller stuck on Brand name whereas secondary controller stuck on asking WWN number. AMC of this product ended two months earlier and we didn't renewed it because product is reaching to its end of life and we were in the process of replacing it with new 3 PAR. We have logged call on HP for payment based support but they are not doing anything till now, they ask us to buy outdated controllers which will take 15-20 days to reach according to them but we have spare controller of same make & model, but they are not willing to use that.     
I really need help on this because we need to recover some data from that SAN

Re: Dual controller failure of HP X3800 (EVA 6400)



The X3800 and EVA6400 are different architecture/units.

Could you share the product number?

The issue description suggests unit type being EVA6400. Do you have any old log files from this array?

If not, could you share following files from server with Command veiw software installed?

Event files: 'wwn.sceventfile.binary' files from:
C:\Program Files(x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Sanworks\Element Manager for StorageWorks HSV\cache\[EVA WWN]

Config file: Config dump: Program Files (x86)/Hewlett-Packard/Sanworks/Element Manager for StorageWorks HSV/temp/cap/stage/5000-1FE1-5010-DF90/EVA_config.xml

**Please have original failed drives handy.

Also, I believe, there are no fault LEDs on IO modules or either/both P1-P2 ports?

If case is opened, even if it is OOW, billeable service/troubleshooting should follow.

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I am an HPE employee!

I am an HPE employee!