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ESXi 5.0 - SATP rules, etc...

Kyle Weir

ESXi 5.0 - SATP rules, etc...

I just want to verifty that I am doing this correctly. From what I've read in the best practices etc.. this is correct.


From what I've read I need to use the VMW_SATP_ALUA satp setting the docs example had been using the VMW_SATP_AA plugin instead of the ALUA that I think I should be using so I am currently looking at using the commands below which end up setting the luns to default to ALUA and roundrobin. I have two EVA 8100's at the newest firmwarecode 6.240 and commandview 9.3 so this should be all I need any thoughts are appreciated. And if I'm going on the wrong forum please let me know where I should go.


esxcli storage nmp satp rule add -s VMW_SATP_ALUA -P VMW_PSP_RR -o iops -O iops=1 -c tpgs_on -V HP -M HSV210 -e "Custom EVA 8100 Rule"
esxcli storage nmp satp set -P VMW_PSP_RR -s VMW_SATP_ALUA



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