EVA 3000 Licensing

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EVA 3000 Licensing

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I have a customer with a old EVA 3000 in production, with fw version 3110, and CVE 6.02.
The question is : Can i add more disks to this eva?!!?!this version of CVE look for licenses??If yes how??and how can i know what kind lisense this EVA have.
What may happen´s if i add two Tera bytes to this EVA

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Víctor Cespón
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Re: EVA 3000 Licensing

The licensing on the EVAs is purchased on 1 TB increments. Or you can purchase one unlimited license and use all space available.

In Command View 6.02 the basic CV license is not enforced, but you should legally have licenses for the total space on the EVA. CV 7, 8 and 9 enforce the licensing and will not let you use the space above the licensed one.

This applies also to Business Copy and Continuous Access licenses. You can only copy the amount you have licensed.