EVA 3000 monitoring


EVA 3000 monitoring

We have a dated EVA 3000 we have recently been having problems at times of high activity SAN attached MS servers simply loose access to the SAN, we have ruled out the FC fabric is at fault. Is there any software Free of chargable that anyone can recommend to see exaclty what the EVA is doing?

system info:
Type: HSV100
Version: 3020
Software: CR04BBrunp-3020




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Re: EVA 3000 monitoring

Well the stock answer is your code is VERY low and unsupported/best efforts by HP. You really should upgrade to the latest f/w which MAY help with your issues. You can get the latest VCS V3.xxx code from here:
However, you will not be able to go to that version in one leap from V3.020. You need to be at min V3.028 to go to V3.110. Search in the itrc and you should be able to find a link and all the release notes.
You will alos want CV V6.0.2 as well. Again search through the itrc and you should find links. Note, you NEED to get CV V6.0 then patch to V6.0.2.
You could go to VCS V4.100 which will give you containers and active/active code. This MAY help you out as well as VCS V3.xxx is active/passive.
If you do not wish to do the above then just install "EVAperf" which is an EVA monitoring tool. Go here:
Download CV V9.1.
Do the CV9.1 install but ONLY pick evaperf bit. Not sure on the compatibility for your version but it should work. Evaperf adds performance counters to windows perfmon and gives you a CLI interface as well. If you want more info on evaperf then search through itrc again as there are many good pointers/info already.
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