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EVA 4000 2C3D to 2C4D upgrade

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EVA 4000 2C3D to 2C4D upgrade


Apologies for raising this as there are lots of posts on this but I can't find any that actually answers my particular question.

So I have an EVA 4000 2C3D and need to add an extra shelf. The current config is as the diagram below - left hand image

With all the shelves below the controllers and Shelf ID 1 being the lowest. Also the controllers are using address ID 4 (also as in the diagram)

Now, I have no space above the controllers but space below shelf 1 (the lowest shelf) - so my plan is (and I can get downtime to do this) to shift all the shelves down 3U so they keep the same shelf ID and install the new shelf directly below the controllers and give this shelf ID 4. This will then mean that the contollers will need to use the next CAB socket up and will change from ID4 to ID5. I will end up with the configuration in the right hand image below.


My questions is simply - Is it ok for the controllers to have ID4 assigned prior to a power down and then ID5 when it is powered backup as ID4 now belongs to a newly installed shelf?


Many thanks




Thomas Martin
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Re: EVA 4000 2C3D to 2C4D upgrade



change the CAB Connector Step by Step for all Shelfs and Controllers one Step up. You became ID1 free at the end. Change one Connector and wait till CV has recognized the new ID. Go on with the next Connector and wait and so on. This can be done online.

Mount 4th Shelf, take only one to four drives in this Shelf. Power on this Shelf. Open the Loop on the right side and connect this Loop to the new enclosure. Look at CV to see the new shelf and the drive. Error sign, because this drive is only connected to one Loop. Repeat this steps with the second Loop. Wait till CV shows all Loops OK for the new drive. Connect CAB connector for the new Shelf. It will get ID 1. Look at CV to see ID1. Add one drive, wait till CV see the new drive, go ahead with the next drive.

All steps can be done online.



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Re: EVA 4000 2C3D to 2C4D upgrade

Thanks Thomas

But I do have downtime available to me and so was really just looking for a confirmation that I can shudown the EVA and re-address the controllers from ID4 to ID5 without causing the EVA to panic when I power it back up.




Re: EVA 4000 2C3D to 2C4D upgrade

All of the shelves that are seen by the controllers are sorted by their enclosure ID number that is assigned by the position on the enclosure address bus (EAB). The enclosures are sorted in descending order. If we have a typical 2C4D EVA4000, the shelves have enclosure IDs as
EVA4000 2C4D shelves: { 4, 3, 2, 1}


So reboot of EVA will not cause any issue.


If one or more enclosures are added to an array that is operating, and the array has not seen a resyncronization, the enclosures are assigned a LID index (internal to hp) with the exception that it will not change the LID indexes of the existing enclosures. The additional enclosures are given one of the remaining, available LID indexes.

Every time the array is subjected to a resyncronization (or power-up) the LID indexes are reassessed.

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