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EVA 4000 - Disk Upgrade

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EVA 4000 - Disk Upgrade

Our Client currently used EVA 4000 with 7TB and we in the middle for purpose VM technology for all existing Server.


The Question is:

  1. If we want to upgrade disk space, it's still have support for this model? Or need to upgrade model?
  2. If support, It's compatible with different server brand to do virtualization.

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Re: EVA 4000 - Disk Upgrade

You should be able to get additonal disks for the EVA 4000. Refer quick spec link http://h18006.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/12234_div/12234_div.HTML


Regarding the compatability of the other servers/virtualisations, you can verify it from the website : Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge for HP Storage Products - www.hp.com/storage/spock.


If you have plans to expand the storage to a large capacity, you may consider putting a new array like EVA P6300/6500.


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Jan Soska
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Re: EVA 4000 - Disk Upgrade

Hello, I agree with previous post, you can add disks, but offer a quite limited and quite expensive. There are no now features implemented for EVA4000, no support for new OS - like RH6, ESXi5 etc... It might be better to buy brand new p6300 with cheaper disks, support, etc...