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EVA 4100 2TB LUN Limitation

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EVA 4100 2TB LUN Limitation

I have an EVA4100  FW: CR0ECAxc3p-6110 .

I want to know if the limitation of 2Tb / LUN exists with the lastest FW XCS6.240? And also if it's possible to break this limit?

Thanks for answers.

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: EVA 4100 2TB LUN Limitation

Unfortunately no.


See the P6000 compatibility reference.

Large LUN support  is only for XCS 9X and 10X.

The note says: "9

Create virtual disks (LUNs) that are larger than 2 TB (32 TB maximum). The operations allowed on virtual disks that are 2TB or greater are create, present, and delete."


If you wanted to see of any new features you could check the release notes of 6.240.

Doesn't look like there's any enhancements, only fixes.