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EVA 4100 device loop recovery issue.

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EVA 4100 device loop recovery issue.

Hi all,

I have an issue with EVA 4100(2 controller, 1 disk enclosure):

 - A device loop 1A failed before, it still running good with device loop 1B

 - Now, almost disks have fault led (10/14 hdisks), i can't manage from CVE. After power off/on, all disks have good led but still not connect to EVA, OCP show device loop recovery. San switch can show EVA host port wwpn but can't ping it. Disk enclosure led is good but device port led on controller is slow blinking, not in steady state. I had tried restart (with 1 controller/ swap device cable) but nothing change.

Anyone have an ideal or procedure to find exactly component failed?


Thanks for your help.