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EVA 4100 direct connect MPIO poblem

Ralf Gerresheim
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EVA 4100 direct connect MPIO poblem


I have to setup an old EVA 4100 to be used with direct connected two servers. These servrs are Win2k8 (not R2), SP2 with actualpatches. I set the EVA controllers "Host port configuration" from fabric to direct connect. I installed on one of the servers CV 7, configured  the EVA and create a LUN which I presented to this server. Of course, in disk management I saw the LUN two times. When I activate the MPIO feature of W2k8, I didn't see the LUN anymore! Additionally, the server boots extremly slow, only get it faster, if I unplug the FC-cables from the HBA. The HBA is a HP FC1242SR 4Gb PCIe DC Host Bus Adapter, Server is a DL 380 G6.

Second Host-Ports on the EVA controllers are planned, but not yet used.

Does anyone has an idea what the problem is? When I removed MPIO, the accessibility of the LUN reverts.


Thans in advance


Sheldon Smith

Re: EVA 4100 direct connect MPIO poblem

Suggest you download the HP MPIO DSM and DSM Manager kits, install and reboot.



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