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EVA 4400,8000 Lun creation

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EVA 4400,8000 Lun creation

Hi Team,

Can any one please share the docs of HOW to create the lun and present the servers and how configure raid,what are the steps need to follow?
Eva storage docs.....\

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Re: EVA 4400,8000 Lun creation

Hi, I think that's pretty well explained on the HP Command View EVA User Guide:


pages 31 - 35
Sheldon Smith

Re: EVA 4400,8000 Lun creation

Then after you have gotten a copy of the HP Command View EVA User Guide, you have read over Chapter 4 Provisioning storage, and the EVA is already set up with (as few) disk groups (as possible):

1. Define the server if needed. You need the Port WWN addresses of the server's Host Bus Adapter(s). Most hosts have two: One HBA connected to each SAN fabric.

2. Create the virtual disk. You need to choose how big and what virtual RAID the vdisk will use.

3. Once Command View shows the vdisk is "operational", go to the Presentation tab and present it to the server.

Then go to your server and have it rescan for new devices.

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