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EVA 4400 CV license lost

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EVA 4400 CV license lost

Hello everyone!

When we start the controller we make an uninitalize system from controller web interface with power off and lost our license. That is may be a most big mistake that i ever made in my work with digital equiment... =(

Currently system works fine on Instant-ON free license that will be expired after 60 days.

We buy a used AG637B controller from seller that located at Germany but our location is different and our supplier can't help.

I know that Dell company via suport call make help with license recovery for old and used hardware without any fee and other issues. But with HP support i don't know where i can get the help!

Please help! If anybody know:

1. Where is i can get a support from HP (all forum topics with same problem contains broken links and my reuest via web form at common HP support site currently no with responce over two weeks).

2. Is this a way for paid recovery or free recovery for old used HP hardware buyed without any contracts and no warranty?

3. What happens when 60-day trial will be expired?


Re: EVA 4400 CV license lost

I would suggest contacting the licensing group for your region. Explain your situation, provide them with as much details as you can (array SN, order number, order date, etc). 



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Re: EVA 4400 CV license lost

Thanks! I will try.