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EVA 4400 Controller outage

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EVA 4400 Controller outage

Hi everybody,

first sorry for my English, i live in a french speaking country

i need help about an eva 4400, before the question, here are somme problems with the eva:

- one eva 4400 with 8 disk enclosure, is the production environement without replication.  

- the firmware was not updated since 2008, which is the purshase date,

- Software version: 09003000
Base level: CR116D     
Ctlr model: HSV300 

- command view version 8.0


2 days ago, we come the morning and noticed that all hosts have lost access to volumes hosted in the eva, we also noticed that 2 HDD were faulty.

Each time we faced this kind of issue, when we shutdown and restart all the SAN infrastructure (2 or 3 times) in right order, it get back to normal state. but this time, we did it several times and nothing.

here are some components abnormal behavior:

 - status leds on both controller keeps blinking without stop, which they try to boot without end, normal state should be solid green led

 - SFP port with FC cable are not showing led, they become off 3 second after starting the eva.

 - command view cannot detect the storage device.

even if i change controller one at a time on both sides, the issue remain the same, status led keeps blinking, and no led on sfp ports.


My questions are:

1.) do you thing that the controllers are dead?

2.) can faulty hard drives can make the controller trying to boot without without stop?

3.) in case of both controller gets faulty, can i change them without loosing my vdisk?


thanks you for any help. !!!