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EVA 4400 Information Alert and How To Restart Each Controller


EVA 4400 Information Alert and How To Restart Each Controller

We have a EVA 4400. We just had a controller replacement after which the SAN is logging the following Informational event Code 11010025 every 3 minutes: "A request was made by the NET component to log an event". the controller replacement also upgraded our firmware from 09534000 to 10001000.

Not finding any relevant info on these alerts (why they are occurring and how to resolve them), a thought was to reboot each controller (wait till the first controller comes back online then reboot the 2nd controller so as not to take down the EVA and allow production to continue unaffected).

What is the best way to restart each controller, one at a time? From Command View, is the correct way to restart a controller by going to System Options - Shut Down System checkbox - then Restart Button? Is it best practice to restart Controller 2 first before Controller 1?  under the CV Hardware section, on each controller module I only see the "Shutdown" button - not restart.

What is the CLI commands to restart a controller?

This is our Production SAN so by restarting each controller one at a time, I am assuming I would not impact any current data connections (VMs on datastores won't go down) and/or performance while the one controller is rebooting.

Thank you!