EVA 4400 Issue


EVA 4400 Issue

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Hope i could get your thoughts....

I've got an EVA 4400 that following a full power shutdown, didn't see the disk arrays when restarted.

Following a discover, it found the arrays and the LUNs could be seen.

Checking the chassis, Controller 1 is dead and controller 2 is working.

I've sourced a spare controller (HSV300) and after installing it, i've identical lights to the active controller, though no lights on FP1/FP2, but two orange lights on DP1-A/DP1-B.

HP CV (SBM) is showing only Controller 2, not controller 1, and controller 2 with a cache state of "no mirror cache".

I've scoured the web and haven't found much.

I just wondered if any of you had seen this before/could point me in the direction of some articles to resolve.

I'm tempted to move Controller 2 to the Controller 1's position and reboot, but don't know if this is a good idea?

Many Thanks in advance for any of your thoughts...


Re: EVA 4400 Issue


Controller 2 indicating "no mirror cache" points that it is not able to see the other controller.

Have you checked the controller termination codes on the WOCP (Web OCP).

Orange lights on DP1A/1B indicate that controller is not detecting the Disk shelves

How many disk shelves are there ?

It may be a good idea to collect logs and log a support case if the unit is still covered under warranty(contract).

I'm more than happy to take a look at a set of logs and then recommend next course of action.

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