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EVA 4400 Lockup Problems.

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EVA 4400 Lockup Problems.

I can't login to the EVA 4400 with Command view on the Management Server and also using WCOP. The Mgt server runs win 2008 server and the command view version is 9.0.1. I have powered down the Controller Enclosure and even the Disk enclosure but still this same. Kindly find attached the error message when trying to login with the command view. How do i resolve this issue?
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Re: EVA 4400 Lockup Problems.

you cannot reach because as you said EVA controller and disks are powered off.

CV EVA is a software to manage the EVA. IF EVA is powered off than there is nothing to manage.

If you cannot manage after powering on the EVA, check if your management server is accessing the EVA controllers. You can do this by opening device manager and checking if HSV300 controllers are seen in device manager under storage controllers?
Bhavnish Kamboj (BK)
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Re: EVA 4400 Lockup Problems.

If this is the first time you are working on it, then check your zoning that host should have access to both controllers.

Clear cache nd temp files from IE

Reboot mgmt server once

Also follow the password protect option which is mentioned in screenshot

**** While opening your command view make sure EVA controllers are up**** I didn't got the meaning of what you said that u were trying while controllers are off