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EVA 4400 Offline upgrade

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EVA 4400 Offline upgrade


I need to upgrade an EVA4400 from a very early version that requires an 'offline' upgrade procedure. I can't find any info particular to version 9000400 (which is what is currently running) so I want to ask simply that an 'offline' upgrade is executed in the same was an an online upgrade but I need to shutdown all the hosts beforehand as the EVA will reboot as part of the upgrade process. Once the hosts are shutdown is there anything about an offline upgrade that differs from the steps followed for an 'online' upgrade?


I also need to upgrade CV from version 8 - is it perhaps easier to remove CV8 entirely and install CV 10 from fresh rather than going through the upgrade path using CV9.x as intermeiary steps?


This EVA4400 doesn't use ABM 


Thanks in advance 


Re: EVA 4400 Offline upgrade

I would like to know the same ... waiting for the messiah's reply

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Re: EVA 4400 Offline upgrade

What version do you run now?


Offline means no data traffic during the upgrade.

Hope this helps!

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