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EVA 4400 - Unknown Controller

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EVA 4400 - Unknown Controller

Hi All

I've just setup a new EVA 4400 w/embedded switches and I'm getting the 2nd controller status showing as unknown.

Looking through the forums I know this can be caused by firmware mismatches on the controller and WOCP.

The WOCP version is 0001.1000-000117R and the 1st controller is on 09006000. There doesn't seem to be a newer version to download from the HP website, but this thread:


states there is in fact a newer versions of both.

Is it possible I've been shipped an EVA with one of the controllers the 09500000 firmware that my WOCP cannot communicate to? And if so, how can I upgrade my WOCP firmware?

Is there anything else I should be looking at as to why the 2nd controller is unknown?

Víctor Cespón
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Re: EVA 4400 - Unknown Controller

Controller firmware 09006000 needs WOCP firmware 0001.0020 or newer.
Controller firmware 0950XXXX needs WOCP firmware 0001.2000 or newer.

Latest versions here:



Updating to 09501100 must be done offline