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EVA 4400 (XCS 0900600 updated to controlled fw 09520000)

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EVA 4400 (XCS 0900600 updated to controlled fw 09520000)

my company storage expanded an our EVA 4400 2c4d had to be upgraded to 2c8d. The eva fw was 0900600 very stable prior to upgrade of additional hard disk enclosures. Since doing the upgrade we started to experience loop failures on all disk drives within the eva diskgroups. HP - l3 support told us to update to hp controlled fw version of 09520000. since doing this the loop failures on the hdd disappeared BUT now dp1a ports are now being disabled constantly. L3 currently working on this to try and resolve. High EVA 1TB fata disk drive failures was also experienced but was releated mostly to customer advisory cument ID: c01728298.

Quick one: Does anyone have an eva 4400 in a 2c8d configuration WITHOUT any problems at current? Which fw are you running if not?
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Re: EVA 4400 (XCS 0900600 updated to controlled fw 09520000)

Q: eva 4400 in a 2c8d ?
A: Yes. Since APR-09

Version: 09006000
72 x 450GB HDD no fata drives
At at HP06 firmware

6 host systems via integrated switch in eva.
1 disk group. No CA lic. EVA CV 8.0

The system has gone through several power cycles and thankfully has been fine.

Apart from planned outtages system is always well used.

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