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EVA 4400 and 8100 Backup

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EVA 4400 and 8100 Backup

Hi guys,
I am really new here so please bear with me.
We have 2X 8100 and 4400 and use EMC Networker as our backup solution. Is tere an easier way to backup the data on these SANS directly?
for our HA systems we use RSM but for the other ESX and Windows systems we just drag the data over the LAN.
I would like to find a way i can just plug the whole SAN in Via the HBA and backup the Virtual disks.
Am i dreaming or is anyone able to help?
Steven Clementi
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Re: EVA 4400 and 8100 Backup

Do your Windows systems have access to the SAN? I hope your ESX servers have access to the SAN...

Not sure about networker, but most backup software has a "SAN Option" that allows you to backup server data directly to your SAN based tape drives.

For ESX, you can try VCB. VCB has extensions for most major Backup Software. It allows you to take direct image backups of your VM's as well as Direct file access backups of your Windows VM's via Proxy server. The proxy server is a windows based server that can access the vmware datastores and would also be able to access the tape library. This removes the un-needed burden of backuping up from the esx console, it's LAN free.... etc.

Thats just some of your options.


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