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EVA 4400 - delete Default Disk Group


EVA 4400 - delete Default Disk Group

As the title suggests, i want to delete the default DG from an eva 4400.

There are 2 DGs on the EVA, the Default (Raid5, initial) and one Enhanced (Raid6).

After migrating all vdisks from the R5 DG to the R6 DG we want to delete the, now empty, default DG to get the PDs back.


What i've found so far is that deletion of the Default DG can be done, but a restart of both controllers will happen, so some downtime should be planned. So far so good.


But, after reading this thread:

Eva 4400 Change Default Disk Group

I'm not so sure if there is anything to be done afterwards to retain redundancy.

Like, rebuild the EVA Quorum.


I've also found these Informations

HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array - Deleting the Default Disk Group from Command View EVA

Removing the first disk group from an EVA


But still, do i have to rebuild or reconfig anything on an EVA after deletion of the Default Disk Group ?

Are the other DGs 100% unaffected ?


(EVA has Firmware 11001100, CV is 10.3)