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EVA 4400 error VRAID

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EVA 4400 error VRAID

Good day. We have EVA 4400 installed, after the failure of 3 disks, the main VRAIDs are in the Failed status. one disk group was created, it included 48 disks. 4 VRAID5 large in Failed status, and Quorum and Test (VRAID1) in normal state. when studying the logs, it turned out that one of the I \ O blocks on one of the shelves does not work. I turned off the second controller in order to temporarily eliminate some of the errors, replaced the disk drives, but I managed to add only 1 of the 3 installed disks to the group. Question: what can be done to restore, provided that a new I \ O block arrives only after 2-2.5 weeks




Re: EVA 4400 error VRAID

Hi AlexDanilkov,

The drives need to be in both loops before grouping them to a DG. It seems you need to wait until the IO module available for adding the disk

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