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EVA 4400 managment module problem ?

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EVA 4400 managment module problem ?

Hi! Need help with EVA 4400 and onboard management module.

EVA firmware 11300000 Build: CR2306lep-11300000

Management module firmware was latest available 

 The problem;

ABS via this module was work fine via manual IPv4, but i can't access WOCP (module setup and etc). Ok, i try reset management module to reconfigure it. I press reset button on module fort 20+ sec, module reset (LED's blink and down), network port link UPб, status LED on module Green. Module must reset IP to,no password and etc. Ok ... I try ping = no luck, I try ping OLD module IP = no luck (((.

I try module re-insert, do reset few times via wait 30+ sec, connect direct cross cable to notebook, power-off/on EVA = no luck.

Ok, I install CV 10.3 on server, connect to EVA, CV ask me password from management module, OLD password till reset work ... In EVA = all green and all work, in EVA HW management module status = GOOD, show model number, s/n, Assembly part number, Assembly serial number, Hardware revision ...

I try capture traffic from module, I can see module mac and some IPv6! requests ... but no IPv4  

What i can do to recover management module? 

Tnx for any help!!!


Re: EVA 4400 managment module problem ?

All the troubleshooting steps have been already performed as mentioned in the post.

Try to remove and reinsert ensure the laptop IP is in the same range of the management module IP and allow 15 minutes.
If it does not help, reset again by pressing the reset hole  for 30 seconds and if issue persists replace the Management module as i dont find any other steps to recover the management module.

I work for HPE

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