EVA 5000 Diskgroups

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EVA 5000 Diskgroups

Hi guys,

I am a newbie to SAN. We have a HP EVA 5000 SAN array. Currently when I log in to the SAN, there are four disk groups that are configured. Now, one of the disk groups is running out of space, while there is one disk groups that has lots of space on it. I was wondering if there was a way to reclaim space from one disk group and assign it to the one running out of space?

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: EVA 5000 Diskgroups

If both disk groups have the same type of disks, consider to ungroup a disk (or more) from one group and group it to the other.

Hope this helps!

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Re: EVA 5000 Diskgroups

It is a best practice to *not* mix disk sizes or disk speeds. Not knowing what you have for disk groups or why you have four (another best practice to have fewer disk groups than many), you *may* be able to simply create virtual disks in the disk group with "lots of space in it".

Things to consider would include:
Why there are four disk groups and what each disk group's intended purpose might be, and
the constitution of each disk group (size, speed and number of disks).

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Re: EVA 5000 Diskgroups

I have three disk groups that are of the same size disks windows, tote1 and tote2(68G), 1 disk groups of disk size backup1(233G) and backup2 diskgroups of (465G)drives.

The disk groups that have space are the 465G drive one's that has around 1T space available but I need to allocate space from the disk diskgroups with 68G drives and there is not much space left on either of those groups. So we will have to either get new drives/storage or clean up some of the stuff in those diskgroups/virtual disks and reallocate.

I did ungroup one drive from the 465G (backup2 - diskgroup) and it's kind of in a not occupied state. This was before I knew that it's not a good idea to mix and match drives of different size, so I was trying to free up some room from disk group with larger drives and add them to the diskgroup with smaller drives. Now how do I add this disk back from occupancy 0 to being used state. here is the state as reflected on different screens in the Commandview GUI.

Backup2 - diskgroup
Drive -138
Disk Drive propertises
Operational state: Operation in progress
Migration state: Migrating
Formatted capacity: 465.66 GB
Occupancy: 0.00 GB

Hardware Disk Enclosure - lists the drive as

Operational State: Populated
(data disk)

How do I add these disk back into the diskgroup where it is being used?