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EVA 5000 Virtual Disk Performance


EVA 5000 Virtual Disk Performance

I've got an EVA 5000 using fibre channel for connectivity and I've been tasked with collecting performance information about the Virtual Disks.  I have walked through the Performance Analysis documentation HP has, but it is lacking any context for the numbers collected.


One of the virtual disks is for a MSSQL server database that has gotten rather large and lately much more selects/inserts.


So far, there is no meaningful load collected using evaperf cs -cont -dur 7000 > \cs-results.txt  Using Microsoft's perfmon, Read Latency and Write Latency *very* briefly register 4000-9000 values, but nothing constant and it mostly sits at zero.  Drive latency is zero and stays zero.


#1 what am I looking for as warnings that there is a storage bottleneck? 

#2 Are there performance metrics do you like to watch?



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