EVA 5000 question

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EVA 5000 question

Hello - I have 2 EVA 5000s, and one of them is holding on to old config data.  When I uninitialize on the controller, it appears to be fine, but when I add it to CommandView it says it's still being managed by another instance.  It then asks me to take over that instance, and I hit OK, it appears to grab it, but I can't expand the tree underneath it at all.  It will then also error out when I try to change anything within CV.


We had these off for over a year, and when they both came up, it was asking for the WWN and Checksum (which we entered and began initializing them); that first initialization, this EVA seemed to work great, then a change was made and we were hosed.  I'm wondering if there's a way to force the array to COMPLETELY re-initialize, so that it acts like it did after having been powered off for a long time.  I figure this will at the very least help the troubleshooting process, and since there isn't any data to lose it couldn't hurt.


I completely rebuilt the CV server from scratch as well, thinking maybe there was something the computer was holding onto, still no dice.  At this point the only thing that hasn't changed is the fiber switch - still plugged in to same ports, switch has not been rebooted at all.


Does anyone know of a way to clear all that config data and/or "factory default" the EVA controllers?  Any help would be welcome - thanks.



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Re: EVA 5000 question


you should be able to uninitialize from front panel also from Command view if you have access to the EVA goto the fieldservice page in the broweser add "fieldservice" on the address line and then run DILX on all disks this destroys any data on the disks.

to reach fieldservice page  https://"EVA storage system IP address":2372/fieldservice