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EVA 6000 and CV EVA v6 upgrade

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EVA 6000 and CV EVA v6 upgrade

Dear all,

After many bad feedbacks about update software on EVA, could you please help me for update software on EVA6000.
Configuration information: 2 EVA6000 with continuous access
HSV200 XCS v6.110
CV EVA v6.02
Continuous Access, Business copy

I want to upgrade the XCS v6.110 in 6.220 and CV EVA v6.02 in v9.x. I have seen in this forum that my actual licences (CV EVA, CA, BC …) are note compatible with the CV EVA 9.x and I want to execute the actions bellow:

Save or export my actual licences, send it in HP for conversion (CV EVA v9.x compatibility) and wait to receive the new licences. Could you please confirm this point and give me the url to send it? Does this transfer licence is free of charge?

Is it advised to update the CA and BC software? In this case, could you please send me the link to download it?

I suppose that I have to stop the synchronisation between 2 EVA during this update but what else?
Can I have to delete my CA configuration and recreate it with the new CV EVA?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,
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Re: EVA 6000 and CV EVA v6 upgrade

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Steven Clementi
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Re: EVA 6000 and CV EVA v6 upgrade


First, do you have a support aggrement for the environment? If so, do you have it set in your ITRC account?

You should be able to request the upgraded licenses from that interface if you are entitled to them.

If not, you can visit the webware.hp.com site to get additional contact information, you'll need a passport account to get into it (which you should already have... maybe).

It will be part of your upgrade process to get to the newer versions of RSM, if you use RSM. (for BC and CA)

You should not need to delete any configuration. CA is a configuration on the array itself and should persist through the upgrade/reboot.

The one thing I WOULD do is capture the EVA's configuration from SSSU.

Ruun SSSU, select your manager than your EVA

then capture configuration and seve to a file.

This will allow for easier re-configuration is something goes..... bad.

Also, grab a data backup before anything.

Steven Clementi
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Re: EVA 6000 and CV EVA v6 upgrade

Hi Steven,

Many thanks for your reply. This storage is not under support contract actualy. So, I think that the lincenses conversion (CV EVA v6 -> CV EVA v9) is not free of charge?
Concerning CA, volumes are registred on EVA but I think that all configuration is stored on CA software. In this case, when CA will be uninstalled, the configuration will be lost.

Best regards,