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EVA 6100 upgrade order

Jeff La
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EVA 6100 upgrade order

I want to upgrade my drive firmware, mpx controllers, my HSV 200 Controllers and my command view software from 8.0 to 9.2. What is the best order to do the upgrades, should command view be first or last? As I understand it since I am already on CV 8.0 I will NOT need a new license, correct?
Thank you
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Re: EVA 6100 upgrade order

Some sequence might depend upon your XCS firmware but to be on the safest side you need to upgrade in this order:

1. CommandViewEVA
2. MPX
3. HSV controller
4. offline disk firmware

Most likely you will end up performing task 2,3 & 4 together; because they will interrupt IOs and host connectivity.

Given a downtime opportunity; I will also upgrade SAN switch, host HBA driver and MPIO for all the connected host and commandview server.

And you are right, there is no licensing involved for CVEVA upgrade.

Good Luck..