EVA 6400 & 4400

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EVA 6400 & 4400


We are going to be adding some disks to an eva 6400 and a 4400. we need to add them to the existing disk groups that are in use.

From memory, when we add the disks it will set off levelling, is this correct?

If so, then my question is, how many diskscan i add at once to a disk group? Can i add say 3 at a time to a disk group. The problem is that i need the disk in quite quickly but the levelling takes quite a long time.

Any advice welcome.

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Re: EVA 6400 & 4400

Don't worry about leveling, it runs in background. Insert the disks one by one, but add them all together to the diskgroup.

Hope this helps!

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Re: EVA 6400 & 4400

Follow the disk insertion delay rule (by default - wait 1 minute between each disk insertion) so you get unique disk IDs for each of your disks. Then group the disks in 1 hit. No need to wait for levelling to finish.