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EVA 8100 Cache Battery Refurbishment


EVA 8100 Cache Battery Refurbishment


   I'm trying to get the EVA 8100 up and running but as far as I can tell the only thing that's holding me back are these batteries. I have 4 "refurbished" cache batteries(Old units that had their cells replaced) and one used, but in 100% working condition battery. My problem is that all of them show up as failed when inserted into the controllers. The amber led with the exclamation mark turns on. My question is: Can I do anything to make these batteries work? Like I told you, I know that the cells are good, there's no sign of corrosion on the battery contacts(neither the contacts of the controller back plane). There was a topic on this forum that calimed it is possible to "reset" the battery by shorting out 2 pins from a chip that's on the battery pcb, but fails to mention which pins and which chip. I appreciate any advice you guys can give me! Cheers!

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Re: EVA 8100 Cache Battery Refurbishment


I have the same problem with my eva battery. Did you manage to make the battery works?

Thank you.


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Re: EVA 8100 Cache Battery Refurbishment

i changed the date on the eva to before the battery was programmed, not a very good solution though.