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EVA 8100 & Command View

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EVA 8100 & Command View



We've been successfully running three MSA1500cs SANs for a while now, but they're unable to keep up with our current VMware load. We were able to purchase an EVA 8100 on eBay for a good price.




1. Is Command View the ONLY way to manage the EVA? With the MSA, I could use the serial port on the front of each controller.


2. Pricing for Command View is looking to be around $30k+! That is way out of the budget. Any alternatives or upgrade paths we might be able to take advantage of? Would a support contract for the EVA get us Command View?


We were unaware that we'd be forced to buy separate software. I've got calls/e-mails into our HP rep, but they've been very slow to respond on this.





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Re: EVA 8100 & Command View


you must have a command view license the  person who sold the system could have given you the license together with the EVA WWWN an checksum.

  or if the EVA was already configured the license is on the disks

Anyway when you install a new command view server you get 60 days licensing for everything. and if you configure and don't need to change anything it will work even without a valid license.