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EVA 8400 DP1 Disabled

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EVA 8400 DP1 Disabled


I've recently got EVA8400 with some old drives and after cabling it i found an issue.
I've looped everything right, and found that DP1 port is not working, simply went into DP2A/B loop and everything works fine. But... after some searching i have found that DP1B works but DP1A not.
Tried enabling it through OCP, nothing changed. 

After searching google and some other topics on Forum, i have found some extra debug information.
So on boot (i pressume) it chcecks all ports and seems to green led blinks ( seems like POST checks them)
I have found interesting record on boot:

FCS: Link state timer Port 0 link state 1 retry link - FCS_link_initFCS: User Disabled Laser, Not Turning Laser ON - Port 0

It is possible that this port is somehow disabled on OS level? How can I enable it?

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Re: EVA 8400 DP1 Disabled

Hello @Unkheq,


As there is no response to the query yet, I would recommend to directly contact technical support and log a support call for quicker resolution. Please refer the links below for support ticket options:



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