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EVA 8400 Disk Group Hardware Failure

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EVA 8400 Disk Group Hardware Failure


We've got a very old EVA8400 which has one of it's disk groups in a state due to multiple disk failures. From what I can tell:

  • We had a disk failure replaced yesterday during the day, so the disk group was levelling
  • overnight we had two more disk "failures" whilst it was levelling (disks are in a "missing" status rather than failed, but in this state they might as well be failed)
  • the disk group is now unavailable, leaving with 2 options to choose: a) Continue with no changes, b) start resolution process

So I have very little experience with these EVA's, they got handed over from others who have left now. They are probably 10 years plus old now, but are still under support. We have raised a hardware call to get the replacement disks sent out.

Has anyone had this experience before, are we looking at complete data failure? Should I just wait for the replacement disks and take it from there? Should I click on "Continue with No changes" and see what it says? Any help or advice will be gratefully received!

Thanks, Andy