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EVA 8400 WWN Missing

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EVA 8400 WWN Missing


I've gotten below HW from a customer that Haas decommissioned it. I have NOT gotten the stickers with WWN and checksum or any licence docs.

4 x HSV450
20 Disk enclosures
1 x HSV300

I'm hoping CU has not uninitialised the systems but I'm not sure.

I've read that WWN info is stored in metadata on disks.

I powered up each enclosure without any FC cables attached and could see the index numbers 00 to 16 (didn't check them all).

I connected enc 00 to the HSV450 but after booting up I'm getting the "Enter WWN" message.

Do I need to connect more enclosures or does this tell me that storage was uninitialised?


Re: EVA 8400 WWN Missing

Hello,  If the array has been uninitialized, all information from licensing to configuration has been lost. More importantly than getting enclosures back in would be getting the original disks back into the system. All of the data is kept in the quorum drives (metadata) on the disks. You must make sure the original drives go in. If another arrays drives get mixed in, then you will have a quorum mismatch and the array will not know the difference. However, if all of the drives and enclosures are installed and you are still just booting to a WWN, then it sounds as if the array has been uninitialized.

Make sure you are booting all of the enclosures and drives first, then turning on the controllers. Please follow the installation/ startup guide when booting the array (check back end loop cabling for sure). EVA 8400’s do have 3 loops and it is very important they are cabled correctly.


HP EVA 8400 User/ Installtion Guide


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