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EVA 8400 monitoring via SNMP polling

Bill Ruehl
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EVA 8400 monitoring via SNMP polling

I was wondering if there was a way to monitor the EVA 8400 via SNMP polling as opposed to traps. We currently have an internal website setup that monitors our other arrays via SNMP queries and we want to add the EVA onto it, but the lack of a physical IP address makes it a bit confusing to do. Looking through the MIB it appears there is a status table that could be used to give us the state of various components of the EVA.

Does anyone know how we would go about querying the EVA through the management server? Do we have to install any extra software on the command server for this to work?
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Re: EVA 8400 monitoring via SNMP polling


You can specify the hosts that receive the SNMP traps that the management server generates for events. Any SNMP-enabled host in the same network as the array can be used

See the attached EVA user guide (page number 32) for further details.


HP StorageWorks Command View EVA user guide
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Re: EVA 8400 monitoring via SNMP polling

1. From the Initialized Storage System Properties window, click System options.
The System Options window opens.
2. Select Configure host notification.
The Configure Host Notification window opens.
3. Click Modify host list.
TheModifyHostNotification window opens.
4. In the Host Name box, enter the fully qualified domain name or IP address of the host.
5. In the Notify Port box, enter 162.
6. Click Save changes.

The designated host should begin receiving SNMP traps. If the host is not receiving traps, restart the HP Command View EVA service.